harry tyler

Communication through silence links the thoughts of man - Marcel Marceau


BricaBracaBroc - A forthcoming website that will display vintage items from the past 80 years

Busy days in Chamberet- a blog about french country living by our resident part-time journo, Marie

Chamb'ART - Association des Artistes Chambertois (Chamberet Artists' Group)

Les Heures Musicales en Monedieres - association dedicated to putting on classical music performances in surrounding villages

Les Collectionneurs de Treignac - Treignac Collectors' Club, an association for collectors of all sorts of collections

Les amis de La Vineria - Friends of La Vineria Soudaine Lavinadiere, an association which organises and supports archaelogical dig, care of old vines, annual art exhibition

La Bibliotheque Anglaise en Correze - English lending library based in Lagrauliere with additional social events